Kristina Decourt

Pommade Capillaire

Biologique Recherche developed Pommade Capillaire to treat damaged hair. This product is enriched with vegetable oils that strengthen and protect hair rendered vulnerable by external attack.

It has a preventive and curative effect that consolidates hair strands and reseals tips. By enveloping hair strands, Pommade Capillaire helps repair cuticle scales while rebuilding the interior. This nourishes hair, leaving it smooth, coated and visibly less brittle. Its airless pump tube allows users to optimally adjust the amount delivered. When used daily, this exceptional, no-rinse product with a melting texture makes damaged hair healthy and shiny.


Melt a dime-sized amount of Pommade Capillaire between your fingers, then apply daily to wet or dry hair lengths and tips. Do not rinse.

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