Kristina Decourt

Shampooing Traitant Sébo-Rééquilibrant

The Shampooing Traitant Sébo-Rééquilibrant is a very concentrated formula that includes 24% of active ingredients.Thanks to its content of depurative and rebalancing active ingredients, it gently purifies and helps to reduce the sebum level of the scalp which is rebalanced and cleansed. This formula which is rich in soft and non-irritating surfactants also offers a real scalp and hair treatment bringing both shine and lightness. This gentle and protective washing base respects the barrier function of the epidermis thanks to its formula without Sodium Laureth Sulfate. This shampoo, being non-irritating from an ocular and cutaneous point of view, with a result of 0.17 in the irritation test (most shampoos being at 4-5), therefore allows a gentle washing on a daily basis.


Apply a dab of Shampooing Traitant Sébo-Rééquilibrant to wet hair. Lather and gently massage from roots to lengths. Rinse with tepid water. Repeat if necessary.

The application frequency for this product depends on the individual.  Shampooing Traitant Sébo-Rééquilibrant may be reapplied as soon as the sensation of oily hair returns.

For the purpose of intensive treatment, Shampooing Traitant Sébo-Rééquilibrant may be used as a supplement to Bain de Plantes.

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