Kristina Decourt

Beauty and healthcare have always been my passion and I strongly believe that “because we all have a unique skin, there should be a unique approach to everyone with a personalized skin care solution and the use of the best combination of ingredients for every personal skin type”.

I believe healthcare and beauty go hand-in-hand and in my salon your skin will look not only beautiful, but most important healthy.

My real passion for healthcare started with my Estonian medical nurse degree and experience in different hospitals in Estonia, Portugal and Belgium.

Then I continued to follow my dream to become the skincare specialist and had experience in Ghent, Antwerp and Paris and I was accredited by the prestigious skincare laboratory Biologique Recherche.

My deep knowledge of Biologique Recherche’s Philosophy and Methodology and my holistic approach to long-term skin health is of the utmost importance.

I offer you detailed skin analysis, lifestyle consultation, and professional advice on home care beauty routines to maximize the effectiveness of her customised high end non-invasive facials.

Kristina Decourt

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