Kristina Decourt


There are no two individuals who have the same skin, so every skin deserves an individual treatment based on your skin’s needs. No standard approach.

Kristina Decourt


Our skin is the reflection of our self. It may change during a lifetime or numerous times in one single day. Stress, hormones, age, physical activity, food, … all of them have an immediate effect on our skin. Your healthy and beautiful skin is balanced by your well being, lifestyle and daily skincare.

Kristina Decourt

Biologique Recherche

Has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using pure, concentrated and raw ingredients, as well as innovative and detailed protocols and procedures. In one personalized treatment (up to) 25 ingredients are mixed based on your skin instant. Biologique Recherche is the beloved professional brand of numerous Hollywood facialists and celebrities.

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