Kristina Decourt

Signature Facial Kristina Decourt

This treatment starts with a skin diagnosis (or re-assessment of your previous diagnosis).

A Signature facial by Kristina Decourt forms the most personalized approach to achieving celebrity skin status. Just like every person has different skin, this signature facial will be fully adapted to your individual skin need.

The signature facial combines Kristina Decourt's personal massage techniques, deep knowledge and usage of Biologique Recherche and iS Clinical methodology and products and on top of the unique Raja Medical Ionix machine and/or Micropuncture lab to offer the best possible results. Your skin will be calm, hydrated, and lifted with an outstanding glow.

(A first appointment includes always a complimentary skin diagnosis)

Raja Ionix Medical Led Light: First and only machine in Belgium, beloved by celebrities worldwide.

 *Please note - your booking time is your treatment start time. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early*

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