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Escape from the every-day stress and experience one-on-one quality care in a calm, quiet atmosphere in the heart of Brussels.

I offer:

  • Calm, comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the heart of Brussels
  • My experience and professionalism in facials and face treatment
  • Tailor-made product for your skin of the world famous company Recherche Biologique
  • The latest innovative facial technology and diagnostics
  • Each facial treatment is very customized according to the condition of your skin and your daily routines

During your session we will discuss your beauty regime and goals. We will go over different options and we will decide together on the perfect treatment, that will respond to your skin conditions, requirements and expectations.

Every treatment includes a Skin Diagnosis (also with Biologique Recherche Skin Instant Lab), different techniques of massages, personalized treatments (up to 25 products during one session ) and an individual home skincare plan.



Consultation starts with skin analysis with Biologique Recherche’s Skin Instant® Lab.

This machine shows the result of five probes that measure skin hydration, trans-epidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and sebum levels.

During the session, we also discuss your home skincare routine, lifestyle and health conditions. This allows to see the full picture and make the correct conclusions and find the best solutions personally for you.

By the end of the session, you will receive a new home skincare plan.

(If by the end of the session, you would like to purchase products for an amount of more than 250 euro, the price for the consultation won't be charged.)

Duration: 45min for 60€

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Signature Facial is custom-designed treatment to provide just the right care for any specific skin concerns. It will be based on your wishes and skin analyses results.

Facial treatment includes deep cleanse, exfoliation and hydration and meanwhile prevention of blemishes, so as to improve softness of the skin.

Pharma grade quality cosmeceutical iS Clinical with combination of Biologique Recherche could create an outstanding result.

During the treatment LED therapy, Microneedeling and Microcurrent can also be used. As the result, your skin will be also plumped, regenerated with an extra healthy glow.

Duration: 90min for 185€
Duration: 120min for 240€

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This treatment starts with a skin diagnosis (or re-assessment of your previous diagnosis).

A Signature facial by Kristina Decourt forms the most personalized approach to achieving celebrity skin status. Just like every person has different skin, this signature facial will be fully adapted to your individual skin need.

The signature facial combines Kristina Decourt's personal massage techniques, deep knowledge and usage of Biologique Recherche and iS Clinical methodology and products and on top of the unique Raja Medical Ionix machine and/or Micropuncture lab to offer the best possible results. Your skin will be calm, hydrated, and lifted with an outstanding glow.

(A first appointment includes always a complimentary skin diagnosis)

Raja Ionix Medical Led Light: First and only machine in Belgium, beloved by celebrities worldwide.

Duration: 90min for 185€
Duration: 120min for 240€

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