Arma-Lift Age Well Firming Mask

Face mask for ageing skin Arma-Lift is the must-have intense skincare solution designed to address and prevent age-related changes in the skin.

Ageing affects not only the skin itself but also its microcirculation system, facial muscles, and skin microbiome. Mature skin typically experiences dryness, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and pigmentation issues. Our face sheet mask Arma-Lift, is specifically formulated to prevent and smooth many of these changes, visually strengthening the skin and recreating a fresh, youthful look.

Crafted from natural bamboo fibers, our face sheet mask is infused with an active gel enriched with peptides, vitamins, and amino acids. These ingredients work synergistically to brighten, tighten, moisturize, and plump tired skin.


Carefully take the mask out of its sachet, unfold and place over your face. Secure the side openings over your ears, pull the mask down to cover your chin and secure the second pair of loops over your ears too. Leave on for 20 minutes. Take the mask off and gently massage the remaining gel onto your skin. Use 1–2 times a week or as often as you wish. 

Pack of 5 Masks.

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