Blepharo-Light Eye Cream

Blepharo-Light is an innovative eye cream for dark circles and under eye bags. Silky natural emulsion brings cooling relief to delicate skin of the eye area reducing puffiness and activating circulation. This gentle cream moisturises delicate skin in the eye area, restores comfort and prevents ageing.

Blepharo-Light Eye Cream has a light pleasant gel-like formula based on natural lecithin which absorbs instantly and brings cooling relief to puffy eyelids and bags under eyes. Caffeine stimulates capillaries and blood circulation, quickly drains excess liquid and reduces UV-related signs of ageing. Escin from natural horse chestnut extract further strengthens capillaries and quickly brings down swelling. Niacinamide reduces pigmentation, stimulates all processes in the skin and fights ageing.


Apply a small amount of Blepharo-Light Eye Cream to clean skin under the eyes every morning and night. For best results store the cream on the fridge door and apply cool for quick relief of puffiness and swelling. Combine with Blepharo-Rich Eye Cream for stronger age-well effect.



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