Body-Day Prebiotic Deodorant Body Cream

Natural prebiotic deodorant cream Body-Day is free from aluminum, alcohol or any harsh chemicals, microbiome-friendly, gentle on your skin and effective against body odour.

So, how does it work? The natural extract of Noni plant's stem cells in this natural deodorant suppresses the activity of malodorous bacteria, effectively controlling body odor. Additionally, the extract of probiotic Kimchi cabbage helps restore a healthy acidic environment, which is beneficial for maintaining a non-odorous and healthy microflora. 

Best thing about it is that Body-Day is not just a deodorant, but also skincare! You can apply it to armpits and other areas of the body prone to sweating. The unique blend of silky shea butter combined with rice starch enriched with an anti-inflammatory peptide and vitamin B5 moisturizes and lightens the skin under your arms. Our natural deodorant cream will normalise the skin's microbiome, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed whilst controlling body odour. 


Apply Body-Day Prebiotic Deodorant Cream after your morning shower to clean skin of your armpits and other body areas prone to sweating. Use once a day in the morning. Body-Day will make your skin soft and healthy whilst eliminating unpleasant smell of sweat.


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