Kristina Decourt


Faced with harsh external factors and the passing of time, the lips and their contour are very often prone to significant dehydration and loss of tone. Skin becomes more fragile, fine lines appear and sagging sets in, making their contour less clearly defined. Aging leads to atrophy and discoloration of the lips, as well as loss of volume and firmness. That is why Biologique Recherche has created the innovative, a targeted solution for dehydrated, damaged Lip Instants affected by signs of aging. This exceptional pre-soaked patch intensely repairs the skin and adds volume for fuller lips.
The material is 100% natural, biodegradable biocellulose (made from fermented coconut water). This design, along with the unique shape, is easy to put on and perfectly adapts to the lips and their contour. Formulated around three complementary action platforms, this product will:

  • Moisturize: it is filled with water to intensely repair skin and immediately plump lips while reducing sensations of discomfort.
  • Regenerate: it strengthens the skin barrier and promotes effective skin regeneration, thus reducing the damaged appearance of the lips.
  • Stimulate: it has a unique combination of Sweet Almond Biopolymers, Red Algae and Tara Fruit extract Complex to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and create a stimulating effect on the lip contour.
  • This combination of active ingredients creates a complete product to always keep on hand for an unprecedented flash effect. Your lips will be moisturized, smoothed and plumped after a single use.
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