Kristina Decourt

Eye Care concealer

Biologique Recherche has combined science with skincare expertise to create the Eye Care Concealer, a 2-in-1 eye-perfecting treatment that diminishes and reverses the signs of fatigue and aging and delivers visible, clinically proven results. Recommended for tired Skin Instants©Available in 3 shades.

The Eye Care Concealer instantly conceals the eye contour area. Eyes looks revitalized and more radiant. Corrects dark circles, reduces puffiness and erases the signs of aging

The formula is rich in active ingredients and offers 4 complementary action platforms:

Anti-dark-circles: Hawthorn and Arabian Jasmine Complex acts on the pigments responsible for the color of dark circles to reduce their intensity.

Anti-puffiness: Avocado Polyphenols improve microcirculation and reduce congestion in the tissue, reducing swelling and puffiness in the eye contour.

Smoothing: Red Algae and Tara Fruit extract Complex has a tightening and lifting effect on the eye contour. Features are smoothed and the signs of aging are reduced.

Plumping: Blue Agave Yeast extract and Hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight) plump up and retain water to hydrate the eye contour. The formula does not accumulate in fine lines and leaves skin perfectly comfortable all day long.

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