Lipo-Oval Concentrate

Our lightweight gel specifically targets excessive water retention and restores the water balance in facial tissues. Enriched with potent natural ingredients, it delivers effective results.

Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans: Energising the skin, caffeine derived from green coffee beans helps reduce excessive fat volume. With scientifically-backed fat-splitting abilities, caffeine has been used in anti-cellulite treatments for over 30 years.

Niacinamide for Skin Elasticity: Niacinamide, a skin-identical energising ingredient, restores skin elasticity, strengthens capillaries, and helps eliminate excessive water.

Innovative Slimming Complex: Our concentrate features an innovative slimming complex derived from red algae, combined with a fat-splitting peptide. This dynamic combination reduces face volume, prevents water retention, and visibly diminishes puffiness in the face and eyes. 

Lipo-Oval Concentrate is the ultimate solution for facial sculpting. By strengthening capillaries, improving overall skin elasticity, and complementing weight loss programs, it helps your face look rejuvenated and healthy while reducing the appearance of puffiness. Say goodbye to a puffy face and embrace a fresh, energised look!


Apply twice a day, morning and night, to clean skin of your face and neck, excluding forehead. For best results combine with Lipo-Oval Mask.


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