Kristina Decourt

Lotion P50 Corps

Apply Lotion P50 Corps onto the entire body by performing upward massaging movements after cleansing. All areas must be treated, in particular dry and rough areas (feet, elbows, knees). Thanks to its formulation, Lotion P50 Corps can be applied every day.
For more effective exfoliation, you can combine the use of Lotion P50 Corps with the action of the Biologique Recherche Massage Glove.
Using Lotion P50 Corps is particularly recommended before and after prolonged exposure to the sun, before the application of a self-tanner, in winter and before hair removal. Focus on rough areas as they are more prone to discoloration.
A slight tingling sensation may be felt. This is normal and a sign that Lotion P50 Corps is working, starting to rebalance the epidermis. This tingling sensation will decrease with use and as the skin’s pH becomes balanced.
Over the entire body Avoid contact with the eyes. Not suitable for children. Do not use Lotion P50 Corps on scratched or irritated skin, skin with open wounds or burns, or after sunburn. Avoid immediate exposure to the sun after applying the product.
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