Kristina Decourt

Lotion P50V

A cult favourite Lotion P50V is a miracle in the bottle, which combines many benefits like:

  • Daily removal of dead cells and impurities
  • Tones fortify and stimulate the epidermal junctions
  • Purifies the skin
  • Promotes epidermis renewal
  • Increase the resistance and quality of the epidermis
  • Moisturizes the upper layers
  • Balance pH of the skin
  • Enhances the action of the products used after its application

Recommended to Devitalized and/or lacking tone Skin Instants.



Use after cleansing.

During the first week of use, soak a pre-dampened cotton pad with Lotion P50 V and apply onto the decollete, neck and face, patting without rubbing!

The following weeks soak a dry cotton pad with Lotion P50 V.

A slight tingling sensation may be felt. This is normal and a sign that Lotion P50 V is working, starting to rebalance the epidermis. This tingling sensation will decrease with use and as the skin’s pH becomes balanced.

Note: - Not suitable for children. - Do not use on scratched or irritated skin or during retinoic acid treatment. - Avoid immediate exposure to the sun after application. - Avoid contact with the eyes.

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