Net-Apax Prebiotic Cleansing Mask

Sensitive skin gentle cleanser Net-Apax is the trusted microbiome-friendly hypoallergenic solution preferred by skin therapists worldwide. Specifically formulated, this gentle cleanser immediately comforts and calms redness while restoring your skin's natural protection and healthy microbiome.

Soft Micellar Cleansing Emulsion: our gentle formula effectively cleanses your skin without dissolving its precious protecting lipids.

Natural Prebiotics: promote the growth of beneficial calming microorganisms on your skin while suppressing the growth of unwanted bacteria, restoring and maintaining skin health. 

Organic Wild Silver Malva Flowers Extract: known for its anti-inflammatory properties, this organic extract offers immediate calm and relief to sensitive or damaged skin.


Apply morning and night, gently massage paying special attention to areas most in need of cleansing. Leave on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with tepid water, follow with Meder serum and cream. 


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