Kristina Decourt

Protection U.V. SPF 50

Protection U.V. SPF 50 effectively protects skin against the sun thanks to a combination of 100% natural filters. The Triple Shield Complex technology targets 100% of the sun’s rays [UVA + UVB + visible light + infrared] and provides complete protection by preserving the skin’s solar capital. Skin is moisturized and dehydration caused by solar exposure is limited. This product is recommended for all Skin Instants that are highly exposed to UV and infrared rays, and it is particularly suited to initial exposure and lighter skin tones. This treatment is water-resistant and has been tested under dermatological control.



Apply generously to the entire face, neck and décolleté before sun exposure. The SPF permits both tanning and protection when applied regularly every 2 hours. Recommended for all Skin Types exposed to UV and infrared rays.

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