Red-Apax Calming No-Redness Mask

Sensitive skin can present challenges, particularly with redness and discomfort resulting from various skin conditions or damage like sunburn or rosacea. We designed our Red-Apax Anti-Redness Mask to provide you with a solution for sensitivity and redness.

Redness is a complex phenomenon influenced by factors such as weather, water, foods, and emotions. Menopausal women may also experience facial redness and flushes. 

Like all Meder sheet masks, Red-Apax Mask is made of organic bamboo fibre, stretchy and very gentle on the skin. The active gel instantly soothes and moisturises red, irritated, flushed and hypersensitive skin. Japanese sake extract, a natural probiotic, restores skin microbiome and kickstarts all healing processes in the skin. Panthenol (vitamin B5) activates and increases natural regeneration. Centella asiatica extract quickly calms sensitive skin, brings down swelling and inflammation. Marigold and chamomile extracts protect and heal damaged skin. Apply cool for instant relief.

Pack of 5 Masks.

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