Red-Apax Concentrate

Sensitive skin and redness? Discover revolutionary relief with our Red-Apax concentrate a groundbreaking microbiome-friendly lightweight solution providing instant relief to red and irritated skin. 

Red-Apax is a neurotherapeutic concentrate, which means that its active ingredients interact with the skin and nervous system at the same time. Northern truffle extract disables the overreacting skin receptors of pain and heatm instantly reducing discomfort. Acting as a natural prebiotic, yakon extract activates the expression of genes that responsible for the skin’s natural protection. Prebiotic BioEcolia® and probiotic Lactic bacteria restore healthy skin microbiome quickly bringing back normal sensitivity.


Apply to clean skin of your face a neck twice a day, morning and night for at least 5 weeks. For best results combine with Red-Apax Mask and other products from Meder Sensitive Skin line.


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