Kristina Decourt

Safiya Marbouh Biologique recherche facial treatment

Biologique Recherche Booster Facial   75 min 155eur

The initial phase of the treatment involves a comprehensive skin diagnosis or a reassessment of your previous diagnosis. Afterwards your skin will be prepared for the booster treatment.

The booster, exclusively designed for cabin use, features highly concentrated skincare products. These products stimulate the epidermis layer of your skin and, combined with distinctive modulating techniques, work to sculpt, rejuvenate, and redefine facial contours.
The appropriate booster is selected and customized based on your individual skin needs, analysis, and conditions. To conclude the treatment, a personalized blend of various masks, serums, creams, and a finishing serum is applied.


Biologique Recherche Booster and Co Factor facial     100 min 175eur

Co-factor- extra exclusive products or machines to target specific skincare needs with treatment like : Masque pigm400, masque caviar vert, cold mask and more…


-Oxygen spray delivers a burst of oxygen to the skin. Provides quick hydration and nourishment, leaving the skin refreshed and radiant

-Celluma iPRO is versatile, suitable for addressing various skin concernsthis compact and portable device emits specific wavelengths of light to stimulate cellular activity, promoting collagen production and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Its sleek design and hands-free operation make it convenient for skincare professionals to incorporate into their treatments, offering clients a non-invasive and effective solution for skin rejuvenation.

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