Kristina Decourt

Serum Iso-Placenta

A genuine skin renovating serum, Iso-Placenta intensely rebuilds epidermises that have been damaged by acne. It reduces existing blemishes while improving the skin’s quality altered by acne. Its unique combination of 3 active ingredients stimulates the skin’s natural healing process. The core of its formula contains Biomimetic Placenta, which mimics the composition of the placenta to provide the skin with all the growth factors its needs to rebuild. The Carob seed and Scotch Thistle extracts boost this regenerating action with complementary action mechanisms aimed at stimulating the cellular differentiation process, to help repair the various skin layers.

The skin is restored and regains its original appearance. Acne scars are corrected: the skin’s microrelief is smoothed, and redness and marks are reduced. With its specific action on acne-prone skin, this skincare product helps reduce blemishes while concealing spots. The skin is smoother, more even and soothed.

Recommended for Skin Instants with traces of acne.


Take a few drops of the Sérum Iso-Placenta. Onto clean skin, apply the serum morning and night over the entire face, neck and décolleté using gentle ascending movements until the complete absorption of the product.

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