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Sérum progeskin

This unique groundbreaking serum formula helps to counter the effects of time, slowing down the cellular aging process by targeting 2 key proteins, whose actions compliment each other. The first one is progerin, an aging biomarker involved in cellular senescence and the second one is the Klotho protein, a youth activator.

Progeskin is a quintessential serum that defies the visible signs of skin senescence. Skin senescence is the process of deterioration and the loss of our skin's cell power remain healthy and grow.

This innovative new serum will help regulate the synthesis of Progerin while also promoting the synthesis of the Khloto protein.

Serum Progeskin thus delays cellular senescence to help extend cell life. At its heart, it contains a tripeptide called Progescence, whose main action is to significantly reduce the synthesis of progerin, thereby reducing the appearance of signs of skin ageing.

Ther results are real. Skin is firmer, more toned and plumper. Facial features are smoothed, wrinkles and fine lines visibly reduced. Skin looks younger and more rested.

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