Blog #7: Sugar and Skin


<p>Everybody knows how sugar is bad for our health and body. Unfortunately, sugar also has a huge impact on our skin too.</p>
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  1. Acne
    People who have acne probably knows that a flash of Insulin leads to increased production of androgens and after increases excess sebum, which can lead to worsening your acne problem,
  1. Dehydration
    Also excess sugar triggers dehydration of the cells. As the concentration of sugar increases, water moves out of cells to equalize the concentration of sugar outside of the cell.
  1. Ageing
    However, sugar is also responsible for our ageing. I don’t mean only chocolate, sweets and cookies, but it is also fast carbs. (which is also can be fruits)


A chemical reaction between amino acids and sugar is called Glycation. You can see this phenomenon in cooking: caramelizing sugar, baking bread, browning of the meat.

When we consume sugar, it binds to proteins (Collagen and Elastine) and creates AGE (Advanced Glycation End-products). They lose their quality, colour and main functions and become of a mix of proteins and sugar. So the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles form and complexion is less uniform.

Glycation most likely plays a role in damage seen in elastin and collagen of aged skin. This reaction can be exacerbated by external events such as heat, UV rays and pollution.

From the age of 20, the glycated collagen rate increases by approximately 4% every year, reaching nearly 50% at the age of 80.

One of the solutions should be a healthy diet. Food must be reached in antioxidants and relatively low in saturated fats and carbohydrates.  And don’t forget to drink enough water.

Biologique Recherche has also solution...

Serum A-Glyca

The Serum A-Glyca is a genuinely innovative serum that targets the glycation reaction (which causes wrinkles and premature skin aging). Due to its formula that is rich in anti-glycation active ingredients (mimosa and carcinine), it prevents this phenomenon by way of substitution but also reverses it through deglycation.

Thanks to the Serum A-Glyca, the glycation reaction can be prevented and counteracted with a gain of 2 years of glycation in 2 months of use. It will reduce wrinkles and improve the evenness of the complexion. The dermis becomes firmer and the skin becomes more luminous.

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