BLOG #11: Rinse your micellar water off or not?

Micellar water is quite a popular skincare product to clean the skin.  It is easy to use and most of the time suitable for all skin types. Most of the time there are 2 types of people who love it or not. There are also 2 different opinions to rinse it off or not.
Before answering, let's quickly talk about what exactly micellar water is.
Based on oxford's dictionary explanation: water containing a mild detergent that forms large micelles (aggregations of molecules), is used as a cleansing solution for the skin. They (Micelles)  are round clusters of molecules, consisting of surfactant molecules. They have two ends: one that attracts water and one that attracts oils. This means surfactants can bring together water and oil, which normally do not mix.
This is what makes surfactants a common ingredient in cleansers and soaps. The difference with micellar water is its ball-shaped molecules. The water-attracting end of each molecule faces outward, while the oil-attracting end faces inward.
This allows the micelles to float in liquid and attract and bind oils they come into contact with. When a person applies micellar water to the face, the micelles trap makeup and sebum, pulling them away from the skin.
Some surfactants are harsh and dry, but micellar water contains nonionic surfactants that are more gentle.
People can use it to remove makeup, and clean skin from pollution, dust and dirt particles.
During skin consultation, I hear a lot that people use Micellar water in the morning as a skin cleanser, or 2nd step of a double cleanser. They follow or advice of the doctor, other specialist or instructions written on the bottle...which I completely understand and respect. As I mentioned before, there are seems like 2 types of people who advise rinsing and who do not.
I personally advise using Micellar water as a makeup remover, 1st step in double cleansing.
Based on my experience, as soon as customers follow that at some point, the skin got better and less irritated.
Let's try not to forget that micelles are surfactants (surfactants). Therefore, it is better to wash them off. If you use a micellar product purposefully for make-up removal, then definitely it you still need to wash your face with 2nd cleanser (gel, foam, milk). In the morning, I suggest using a gentle cleanser, which is definitely not micellar water, or cleansing balm.
Of course, there are time exceptions:  
1. Your skin may react to micellar water, or a reaction to cleanser, but no reaction to that micellar water. Both are personal reactions..... Unfortunately, nothing to do here, listen to your skin.
2. Personal choice of texture, and cleanser.
3. While travelling or you have limited access to water- then you can clean your skin with micellar water and leave it on.
After so many years, I still love Bioderma Micellar water for sensitive skin. I use it and I advise it to my customers. It removes perfectly all makeup (eyes as well ) and keeps your skin hydrated enough after. Pricewise is the perfect option...

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