Blog #3: Cancer Skincare

As a skin expert, I am proud to work with Biologique Recherche. The combination of specific massage techniques and pure ingredients does not only give the best possible results. Moreover, Biologique Recherche also clearly understands what the priorities and real values of life are.

Today, most spas – at least more than 70% for sure – are still denying access to guests with cancer, or patients who recovered from cancer. This number is a shame. “To me, the path that Biologique Recherche opened, the reason we did it, what justifies our whole journey, including our award, would be for cancer awareness to actually become a global movement in action”. - Rupert Schmid – CEO Biologique Recherche.

For me personally it was very important to attend this exclusive training to give the best possible treatment to cancer patients. As a nurse, with 5 years of experience in different departments of hospitals, I understand how important it is put especial attention to cancer patients.

For some, cancer is the catalyst for positive transformation. But for others, it instils fear, anger, depression, anxiety and feeling of betrayal.

It is important to understand the impact of this disease and therapies, to provide the best possible skincare treatment to my patients suffering or recovering from cancer. And to bring wellness and beauty to those who need it most and to those who cannot always afford it

Wellness for Cancer

The Biologique Recherche approach has been recognized and officially supported by official agencies and authorities all over the world. Through Wellness for Cancer, Biologique Recherche is adapting their methodology to serve those who have been touched by all different forms of cancer by offering a selection of products and gestures for each client depending on cancer type, cancer therapy, surgery involved and long-term conditions, like the risk of lymphedema. I am proud to be recognized by Biologique Recherche to share my expertise with my customers and patients, in good times and bad times, but always with the goal to put a smile on their faces.

With love,

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