Blog #4: The true story of my skin

I hear often compliments about my skin, how beautiful and perfect it is. And after usually they add " it is genetic " or " yes, you don't have oily, problematic skin, like mine" I answer all the time, that it is not true and every skin has its own problems... like mine too...I decided to share with you my personal case and to show how my skin was looking like almost 1 year ago.

If you slide pictures you will see... Yes, it is my skin...dry, sensitive and with a deficit of lipids. I even don't have enough lipids in my eyes (that is what I was told during my eye check-up).

It was not an easy period for me. You wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and see this ...I was crying a lot. In my head was all the time " how aesthetician can have such skin, I am so ugly, How can I start my own business with such skin, who will believe me and etc... I was trying a lot of things and the worse of it is that it was not possible to cover with makeup at all. Nothing helped I continue to stress and cry.

By the end, it was an amazing experience and now I know how to deal and fix it.

There was only one principle for me: no doctors. I am a skin specialist, so I want to fix it myself.


So as usual, it happens, one morning I woke up and decided to change something.

1. I told to myself stop to worry and cry. Accept it as a fact and with all this worrying you make it only worse. Sometimes there are things that you can't change, and they don't depend on you.

2. I stopped to call my skin "ugly" and started to love it once again.

3. Be Patience

4. I changed my skincare into super basic

· Lait U - Morning and Evening

· Cream Masque Vernix - Morning and Evening

· Serum T.E.W.L - on top of the cream

· No makeup

What I would add, that having beautiful skin is not genetic and there is no one solution for everything.

There must be a balance between science, body, mind and spirit.


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